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Abundance at Home

Creating our home as a sacred space is one of the greatest gifts to ourselves, our families and ou

r communities. As women, we are becoming more and more present to the energies in our environment. As we step into new levels of self-care, we are remembering to care for our homes in a whole new way. Spiritual Handywoman When my first son was born, my husband traveled a lot. I remembering sitting in a rocking chair looking out the window and seeing our handyman in our backyard tending to our garden, fixing broken locks and lights and sweeping dirty leaves from our floors. He’d travel the perimeter of our property and set everything straight. I felt so comforted by his presence. I felt safe alone with my newborn, day after day, simply by the fact of our handyman’s love and care for our home. Watching my handyman walk and clean the perimeter of our home inspired me to do this during my meditations. There are many ways to shift the energy in the home space- feng shui, decluttering, even using plant medicine, yet for me, my most powerful tool was the light of the Divine Mother. I’d close my eyes every morning and imagine light coming from the heavens and out of the Goddess’s hands. I visualize her directing this light around the perimeter of my home and sending her Angels to stand all around my property for protection. I’d ask her to fill my home with her unconditional love, letting it touch each room, each piece of furniture, every plant and animal and an extra blast for my entire family. This meditation became a ritual that I sometimes did with my eyes open while grocery shopping or while driving my children to the park. It became a part of my energetic hygiene routine for my entire family. People started to comment on how “peaceful” my home felt and I’d remember the source of this peace and love and ask her to blast the space with even more of it. Rituals are a habitual set of actions that are imbued with deep and personally significant meaning. Rituals, when practiced consistently and introspectively, can have an immensely beneficial impact on your life. Rituals don’t have to be esoteric or tied to any spirituality. Although, I do call on the Divine Feminine for support and guidance in all of my rituals, in essence, I use the energy of Love to power up my practices. House Blessing Ritual: Love & Abundance I love my home as if it were a person. Every month, I create an altar at my front door with roses and love notes to my home and to the Goddess. An altar is a place of focus for spiritual awakening and our intention work. Elaborate or simple, they are portals of the Divine. When I place an altar outside my front door, I'm calling in my deepest intentions. Since our homes are a big part of our spiritual foundation, we can invite love, peace and abundance right to our front doors. Ritual + Prayer for Calling Abundance Home -Gather Sacred Items (crystals, plants, photos, etc) -Create an altar at your front door (this can big or small) -Gather 13 Roses (13 is a sacred feminine + we honor the 13 Moons- there are 13 lunar cycles in a solar year that honor the sacred divine feminine) (Color is your preference)

-Call upon your higher self, higher power, Goddesses, Ancestors, Guides of your preference -Ask them to shower your entire home with Love (If you live in an apartment, ask for the entire building to be soaked in love as well) -Pick up each Rose and say the following prayer:

In the name of love and with all of my heart, I invite abundance to come home End your Ritual YOUR WAY, in silence, dancing (maybe the neighbors will join you), with Cacao, tea- whatever feel right for you. May we all consciously create the energy in our homes as a sacred container for so much love, freedom and prosperity. May we invite in all of our GOOD.

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