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I walked away from Brooke, 100% lighter. Her loving presence helped me let go of my emotional hardness. I'm so grateful.

Lisa J. / Psychologist


I felt drenched in the presence of unconditional love so much so that I found my true self. After our session, I met the love of my life with so much innocence and trust in my heart. Thank you, Goddess. You've initiated me into self-love and radiance.

Jenifer K./ Mom + Entrepreneur

Being in Brooke’s care immediately invited a sense of trust, safety + tenderness. I connected with my Self on multiple levels in a private healing session. A portal was accessed. Healing ignited. Shifts occurred.

Leona M,/ Mom + Fashion Stylist

I was feeling like I was too much in my masculine energy. Working around men and then feeling like I have to manage everything in my life had me out of balance. After one session, I found my feminine again and connected with my true career calling. I'm even softer with my husband. These sessions are needed by EVERY women.

Shelly K./ CEO

I've had Reiki healings before but Angelic Reiki really healed me so deeply. I'm still feeling the bliss from our session and so much less anxiety. From the beautiful space, the crystals and even how good everything smelled- I was in heaven.

Barbara S./ Full-Time Mom

My house clearing and blessing session cleared so much old energy out of my home. Brooke is an energy housekeeper. She's a guardian of harmony and peace for families and especially women. 

Trina T./ Mom + Executive