Spirituality For Kids: Teaching Children About the Light

When my son turned four this year, he started asking questions about God, the Light, Angels and why he couldn’t see any of it.

Although the weaving of the Divine into his daily life was intentional on my part, the actual explanation aspect of it all was a bit unexpected this early in my Motherhood game. I have taught both my kids about Angels since they were infants. I covered them with light on a daily basis. They are truly talented in spreading love and light to everyone (especially when they intuit someone is sick). But I couldn’t—for the life of me—figure out how to make them intellectually grasp the Divine.

I went to YouTube for answers and I watched a video of one of my spiritual teachers attempt to answer the question, “how do you explain what God is to a 7 year old?”

I grew up in awe of this spiritual leader’s power of communication, and although his answer was beautiful, I was still lost on how to actually explain God to my preschooler.

The more I researched, the farther away I got from my heart and my deep connection to the Divine and my commitment to infusing it in our daily lives. I closed my computer and went over to my child and said this:

“God is everywhere. God is outside of us and in us. We are children of God and God loves us more than anything.”

My son just looked at me and said “Ok. Can you play with me?”

Ugh. I was down on myself for not nailing that conversation, but I remembered that the most effective talks with 4-year-olds are ones that are initiated by THEIR questions. He asked me why he couldn’t see God—he didn’t ask me what is God.

Ok, back to the drawing board.

He’s asking me about the invisible.

He’s asking about the unseen realms.

I know this one. This one is in my bones. I closed my eyes and placed my attention on my heart. I asked for the highest light to speak through me and to create a divine spark in my child’s heart.

After slowing down, I realized that right after I turned off the lights for bedtime, I should approach my son about his question about not being able to “see” the light.

That night during bedtime, I asked him to close his eyes and breathe. And I walked him through the following meditation:

Breathe in and out slowly

Imagine the sun flowing in the center of your chest (I touch his chest)

Keep your eyes closed

Now imagine that sun getting bigger and bigger

It joins Mommy’s sun in the center of her chest, her heart

It joins Daddy’s sun in the center of his chest

Who else should we join?

It joins your brother’s sun

And everyone at your school

And everyone at karate

All the suns at the playground

Until there’s one big Sun

There’s one big sun that comes over to join our big sun until we are one gigantic sun

That huge, gigantic, biggest Sun ever is God.

Open your eyes

Did you see it? Did you see God?

“Yes, Mama. It was bright.”

There are many ways to teach our children about spirituality. Mostly, we can answer questions with love and connectedness. If we direct them within themselves to find the Divine, we are truly raising our children in the light.

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