Moving Meditation: Moving Through Your Emotions

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

When you consider practicing meditation, you probably envision yourself with eyes closed, sitting cross-legged or lying down in complete stillness.Yet there are many paths to contemplation, centeredness and clarity; moving meditation is one of them.

I learned to meditate in a monastery with monks. The meditation practice taught was rigid and required constraint and discipline. Although, meditating with monks helped me tame my overthinking mind, it was my body that felt abandoned. After deep diving into feminine spirituality, I began incorporating moving meditations into my spiritual practice. It helped me find my feminine rhythm and feminine ground by expanding my inner awareness and my outer expression.

After 15 years of being a daily meditator, one thing is clear. There isn't a right or wrong way to meditate. Especially for a woman. Meditation was not only designed for men but for monks who needed practices to support their life of constraint and celibacy. For women to be healthy in meditation, we cannot deny our body; our birthright to pleasure and passion. We don't bypass our feelings or push down our desires, we let it all move through us. We have the power to feel and expand.

In Women's Meditation, we bring our issues, our pain, our joy, our frustrations and our victories to our moving meditations. We melt and soften into our present moment. We let the body move us and let the breath caress every part of us. We can come home to the body and feel free to release our emotions and access a new level of aliveness and pleasure. Meditation can hand women back to themselves; it can help unite women with their mind and body.

Watch the video below to learn how to practice a moving meditation. There is no way to do this right or wrong. Only do what feels right and free. Bring all of your worries, issues and joy here. This is your sacred time.

In this video, I start and end this practice in a sitting position but feel free to move in a way that's true for you.

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