Creating a Sacred Morning Routine: a Spiritual Guide to Waking Up

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

The way you begin your morning sets the energy for the day.

As the sun rises, it sings a tone to humanity—inviting and inspiring us to harmonize with the promise and beauty of a new day. For some of us, mornings are filled with routines that aren’t so sunny and inspiring: hitting the snooze button, scrolling on social media, or rushing to get you and the kids out of the door at record speed.

When I became a Mother, the challenges of creating a harmonious morning seemed insurmountable to me. I woke up most morning craving stillness and solitude, so I approached the day in a cranky mood. My crankiness spread like wildfire to my husband and children who reflected that cranky mood back to me ten-fold.

I had to do something.

I knew I had to approach our mornings with a full spiritual tank, so I created a mini-morning routine just for me. hat does a full spiritual tank look like? It’s not a one-size-fits-all recipe, but what I do know is that whether or not you are starting the morning solo or wrangling little humans, having a bit of self-care in the morning goes a long way.

With presence and intention, we can create space for wellness and peace to ring in the day.

Here are the practices I came up with to shift my mornings from wild to mild, and to ease into the day with joy and gratitude for my whole household:

Wake Up and Scroll

You can create an empowering practice as soon as you open your eyes. Scrolling through social media has its time and place, but the mornings are prime time to connect within. How about scrolling through your body and loving it? Start at the top of your head, move to your throat, on to your heart, arms and hands, stomach, womb, legs, and feet. Send love to every part of your body.

TIP: Put an uplifting book at your bedside and scroll through a passage every morning. Create a habit of reaching for this book as soon as you get up. Set a time to look at your phone or social media after you’ve done your reading or journaling.

Wake up Before Sunrise

Watching the sunrise is a meditation practice that reminds us that we are reborn every single day. When we can rise and shine with the sun, we are birthed into a new day; optimistic and cheery energy can fill your body and home. Waking up early creates more time for self-care. Even if sunrise is a bit too early for your body, having at least thirty minutes of me-time every morning can be life changing.

TIP: Hold a sunstone crystal in your hand while you watch the sunrise or during your morning meditation practice and set your intentions for the day. Imagine your intentions fanning out from your stone like sun rays radiating far out into the galaxy.

Wake Up and Ask the Divine

Start your day by co-creating with the Divine. This is your time to ASK for a miracle. The morning is great time to think big—set your intentions and release them. Spend your day opening to receive a miracle. Create miracles every morning by asking for exactly what you want.

TIP: Create an altar for your morning meditation ritual and add sacred objects that symbolize your intention.

Wake Up and Shower

Much like practicing daily hygiene to clean your body, spiritual hygiene cleans your subtle body (various layers of vibrating energy that make up a human being beyond the obvious physical layer).

Just as dirt accumulates on your skin, energies constantly accumulate on your subtle body and in your home. The shower meditation is an easy practice to do every morning. Imagine your shower water is infused with divine, white light. Let the light cleanse you of all lower energies and feel all the negativity, crankiness, worries and anxiety go down the drain. Imagine this shower pouring all over your home and onto your children. Imagine a big drain in the center of your home and visualize energy that does not serve your home and family flowing down the drain.

TIP: Fill your home with an aspect of the Divine: love, peace, harmony, etc. Say out loud: “I fill my home with (Love).” Imagine this divine substance filling your home. I love to ask the Angels to fill my home with Rainbow Light.

Wake Them Up With Sound

One of my biggest intentions for my family is harmony. I use sound as a way to harmonize my home, our bodies and our emotions. Sound has been used to expand awareness and heal the mind, body and spirit for centuries. Using sound in the morning can literally set the tone for the entire day. From Koshi wind chimes and gongs to crystal singing bowls, you can use sound to gently wake up your body and your family.

TIP: Using the power of your word is a morning ritual that really helps create a great day. You can affirm your truth, intentions and prosperity by affirming or chanting “I AM” which aligns you with your inner divinity—the Goddess within. I love to affirm “I AM harmony” at least three times every morning. I affirm this on behalf of my family, my friends and the world.

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