5 Ways To Practice Energy Hygiene

While our auras may be more difficult for us to perceive than our physical bodies, they do exist. Our aura health influences our life experiences just as much as our physical bodies’ health does. So it’s really important to tend to our auras’ well-being by keeping them free and clear of negative energy and debris.

Spiritual hygiene is defined as: “a set of practices concerned with maintaining a clean aura to promote and maintain physical health and well-being. Just as dirt accumulates on your skin, different energies accumulate on your energy body. Energy cleansing is not something we do just once. It is an ongoing activity. As we walk through our days, we are bombarded with other people’s energy. If we could see all of this unmanaged energy that’s flung all over the place, it would probably be like walking through a strange metaphysical stew. Your energy body is sticky and things cling to it. If you don’t practice good energy hygiene, you will experience other people’s random energy clinging to you without you knowing it. That energy then affects you, perhaps even changes you, in ways that you aren’t conscious of and haven’t chosen. If you consider yourself an empath or someone sensitive to energy, creating a daily spiritual hygiene practice is crucial to your well-being. You get to choose what energy you want in your space. You get to be what I call- Energy Responsible.

I always knew I was sensitive to energy but never really owned it. Very early on my spiritual path, I experienced physical symptoms after being exposed to lower energies like constant headaches and stomach aches. After I started manifesting chaotic events and disharmonious relationships in my life and after I had enough of getting physically ill from not cleansing lower energies from my space, I empowered myself as an empath. My daily spiritual hygiene routine became just as important as brushing my teeth every morning and taking a shower. I started to make my energy health my number one priority and now I experience very few health issues, I engage in mostly harmonious relationships and my emotional baseline is set at a level of peace I never imagined I'd have.

Here are my top 5 energy hygiene protocols to keep my energy so fresh and so clean:


Archangels are aspects of the Divine. Although Archangels are tied to some religions and found in many religious text, they are non-denominational beings. They represent a higher energy that’s accessible to everyone. Archangel Michael is known as a Protector and Energy Clearer. He has a spiritual vacuum cleaner that can pull out lower energies in our subtle bodies and physical space. I work with Archangel Michael multiple times a day to keep my space clear and flowing. You can ask him to vacuum out any energy that no longer serves you. My daily energy hygiene practice includes visualizing myself, my husband and kids standing in a circle. I visualize Michael above us with a white glowing vacuum cleaner tube, pulling out dense energy, up from our feet and out the top of our heads.

You can also ask Michael to vacuum your children when they’re having big feelings or behaving chaotically. Just remember to ask Michael to use his vacuum at a speed that a child can handle.


Water is a very easily programmed substance. When we use water with the intention of cleansing our auras by sweeping away negative energy and debris, the water will help to grab and absorb this energy and then remove it from our energy field.

The simplest way to include water in your energy cleansing protocol is to wash your hands or face with plain water. I use this technique throughout my day for a quick cleansing after speaking to someone who isn’t responsible for their energy, if I’ve been in a crowded place for an extended period of time or when I’m feeling low energy. I especially love to wash my hands when I feel overwhelmed with my kids. I wash my hands with the intention of clearing my energy and return to them with so much more calm.


Dance is a natural energy mover. But for this energy hygiene protocol- I’m talking about what I call “The Ugly Dance”. This is a hands wailing, mouth wide open, crazy gyrating, feet and hands pounding the ground. This isn't about being pretty, controlling our body to dance in the "right way"- it's WILD. VERY WILD. Women can be top-heavy- meaning we can spend a whole lifetime living in our heads. When we move into our bodies with pure wildness, the body has the ability to clear stagnant energy. When we let go of and let our emotions move through our movement- we can clean out the negative debris in our aura.

One of my favorite things to do is to dance both sides of an issue. With full emotion, I will dance my craziest dance, acting out both sides of an disagreement, dilemma or challenge. If I have an issue with someone, I will get to the bottom of it all by MOVING through old programming and patterns and let it all move through me.


Using sound is a simple way to move energy by raising vibration, creating space, and breaking up stagnant energy. While this technique is mostly used for physical spaces or while doing energy work for others, you can also use it on yourself. Remember, intention matters. Traditional methods of using sound to get rid of old negative energy include rattles, drums, gongs, bells, singing bowls, and clapping.

Crystal bowls have become my ally in keeping my energy clear. Through the power of crystals and sound, I find myself clearing my energy and moving into alignment with my higher self more rapidly than any other healing modality. I highly recommend checking out


Crystals are known for their metaphysical properties. They provide healing on many levels of the body. The crystal, Halite, also known as “Rock Salt” is a very potent mineral to clear energy. Yup- salt is a crystal!

When you combine water and salt, you unlock some serious energy cleansing power. This practice has been used or thousands of years and today bath salts and scrubs are used by millions of women. When we become conscious of how this crystal, salt, can heal us, our bath time becomes a sacred ceremony for deep transformation.

A few years ago, I manifested the opportunity to build my dream bathroom. I spent months finding the perfect bathtub because I knew it would be like an altar for me; a place to lay my burdens down. My weekly salt baths are where I let go of the energy of the week that isn’t mine or that no longer serves me. I even find myself in my salt bath multiple times a week if the energy is especially dense or chaotic.

There are many ways to clear lower energy. One is not objectively better than the others. The ones that are best are the ones that work for you. The most important aspects to consider when selecting a clearing method is whether it resonates with your belief system, if it's something that you will do regularly, and if it actually makes you feel more aligned. Either way, creating a energy hygiene routine is truly self-care for the self-aware.

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