Brooke is an Afro-Indigenous,  Multi-dimensional Healer,  Angelic Medicine Woman and Shamanic Ceremonial Leader here to support and heal Women, Mothers and Children.  Through her Angelic healings ,feminine shamanic ceremonies, and deep soul therapy, Brooke is an Ascension Guide here to serve the Green Ray - a lightwave of Source which holds the medicine of love, healing and prosperity.

In 2010, Brooke began her spiritual work as a volunteer meditation teacher to at-risk youth and pregnant, teenage girls in South Central, Los Angeles. Years later and after having children, her career shifted from marketing consulting with environmental non-profits such as TreePeople and Thirst Relief to a private energy healing practice dedicated to supporting the well-being of women and children. After going through the near-death experience of her toddler son, Brooke was visited by Archangels who expanded her intuitive gifts and subsequently taught her an Angelic Vibratory Medicine. Brooke is also an initiated spiritual heir to her Native Grandmother, who channels spirit medicine technologies and ascension key teachings through Brooke. 

Brooke shares her loving transmissions and teachings through her streaming meditations, her global private practice and through her ceremonial circles that are designed to connect women to both their sovereignty and innocence. 



I was covered in roses and you initiated and blessed every single chakra and my ascension process went into high gear. Thank you for the initiation ceremony. I am a lightfire. I know this now.



My son is out of the ICU because of your healing, Brooke. Thank you for saving him and for making me feel so strong. I know I can get through anything because of you.



Sitting in circle with 15 women and just crying my eyes out because i have never felt like i had a home until now. I have a whole new life after being in ceremony with you. It changed every part of me

-F. T.