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Your Can Design The Energy In Your Home

A House Clearing and Blessing is a spiritual healing and purification of the home. Whether you are moving into a new home, wanting to clear negative energy from your current home, or just want an upgrade to bring in peace and prosperity, Brooke's Space clearing and blessing ceremonies help families find freedom.

Brooke uses Sound Medicine, Angel Healing, Reiki and Feminine Spiritual Practices to create a grounded, happy family home for the whole family to thrive in.

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Q. What is a House Clearing?


Energy accumulates and can linger and get stuck in our homes, offices, vehicles and anywhere that we spend time.  This can be your energy or energy from other people or objects.  Energetic imprints from past disagreements, divorce, illness and the stress of everyday life can leave a space feeling like it's weighing you down.  You may also get a sense of not feeling 'alone' in certain spaces.  Clearings and blessings keep all of these types of energies moving and flowing in order to have peaceful, light, uplifting and supportive spaces so you can more easily accomplish your goals and be fulfilled, happy and centered. 
Prices start at $120.  Please contact me for an estimate.