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Brooke is a Family Energy Healer; working to heal women, mothers, children and homes. Through feminine spiritual counseling, crystal and reiki healing, space clearing and sacred feminine practices, Brooke creates alignment in women and children worldwide.

In 2010, Brooke began her spiritual work as a volunteer meditation teacher to at-risk youth and pregnant, teenage mothers in South Central, Los Angeles. Years later and after having children, her career shifted from marketing consulting with environmental non-profits such as TreePeople and Thirst Relief to a private energy healing practice dedicated to supporting the well-being of women and children. As a certified Crystal Healer, Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Usui Reiki Healer (Adv.), and Feminine Spiritual Teacher, Brooke's primary intention is to help women reclaim their feminine power through recognizing their innate power to heal themselves and their families. Brooke heals and teaches women to integrate softness, spirituality and the sacred into everyday family life. Children ranging from infants to teenagers experience profound peace when working with Brooke and families are deeply impacted after working with her to clear their home, mind, body and spirit to open and receive peace and prosperity.

Brooke is passionate about the reawakening of the divine feminine within women. Brooke shares her powerful transmissions and teachings through her workshops and trainings worldwide by facilitating Women's Ceremony, a women's circle designed to connect women with their sovereignty, feminine essence and innocence. This fall, Brooke is launching her newest offering, The Empath Class, a workshop for energy sensitive women to become empowered by their emotional and spiritual gifts. Brooke lives with her husband, two children and three dogs in Los Angeles and part-time on their family boat in Marina Del Rey, California.